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   Long Valley
    Site Description

Long Valley is a wide open area of agricultural land situated in the Northern New Territories adjacent to Sheung Shui new town. The land is bounded by Sheung Yue River to the west and Shek Sheung River to the north. Crop-growing (both dry and wet agriculture) is practised in the area, and therefore the number of habitat types created depends on the type of vegetables being planted. The dry agriculture area comprises open vegetable crops, flower crops, orchards and tree nurseries interspersed with short shrub and perennial grass. At the wet agriculture area where Water Spinach and Watercress are cultivated, wetland habitat of flooded ditches and fields covered with shallow water can be found. Also, marshy pond habitat is present at the abandoned land and the mitigation ponds. The main land use of the site is agriculture.

    Site Protection

The majority of the site is zoned AGR on the Outline Zoning Plans (S/NE-KTN/8).


Kowloon Motor Bus:

76K   Wah Ming Estate (Fanling) - Long Ping Estate (Yuen Long)

Disembark at Kam Tsin stop and walk along the village road of Yin Kong Village to the agricultural fields in Long Valley.

Green Minibus:       

50K   Sheung Shui Railway Station - Hang Tau Tai Po Hang Tau

51K   Sheung Shui Railway Station - Sheung Shui Ho Sheung Heung

Disembark at Yin Kong Village and walk along the village road to the agricultural fields in Long Valley.

    Survey method

The survey methodology was devised with reference to Carey et al. 2001. The site was surveyed by at least two group members in the morning (between 7am and 11am) using 1.5-hours line transects. Bird species and relative abundance were recorded by sighting and/or hearing during the survey. Other information such as weather and temperature, were also recorded during the survey.

    Tips and Code

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