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Species Distribution - Freshwater Fish
   Sheung Ha Tsat Muk Kiu
    Site Description

Sheung Ha Tsat Muk Kiu is located to the north of Wong Leng and the stream draining across Sheung Ha Tsat Muk Kiu also originates from Wong Leng.  There are mature woodlands at the edges of the stream.  In the past, Sheung Ha Tsat Muk Kiu was composed of agricultural fields and villages.  Both the villages and the agricultural fields have been abandoned for decades, and the stream appears to have suffered very little human disturbance in the past.  The bottom of the stream is covered mainly by large boulders, which hold many pool areas.  This environmental setting favors the existence of Hong Kong Paradise Fish Macropodus hongkongensis.

    Site Protection

The Sheung Ha Tsat Muk Kiu is within Pat Sin Leng Country Park.


Green Mini Bus:        

56K   Fanling Railway Station - Luk Keng

Disembark at ELCHK Nam Chung Youth Centre and walk along the road beside Nam Chung River to the South. Hike up to the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Pavilion then walk along the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail.

    Survey method

-Direct identification of fish by visual observation at the reservoir bank.  A pair of binoculars may be used to identify fish far from the bank.

-Use of a D-framed hand net of 3mm mesh size to sweep in the water to catch fish for identification.

-Use of baited pot trap with 3mm mesh size, set in the water for 20 minutes to attract.

-Fish collected are identified following Field Guide to the Freshwater Fish of Hong Kong (Lee et al. (2004))

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